In my world vision, combine the word with the image. I write and photograph “on the road.” I discover the stories of people and places stirring up imagination and inspiring the urge to search in the reader. I use the surrounding space to play with the viewer. My interpretation of the style NOIR stems out of the juxtaposition of the impassive reflection of reality in the image against the text which I build up the tension and the story. Thus, I carry a dialogue with the viewer, unhurriedly revealing the true message of my photographs.

I have always been fascinated by dark side of the artist and I have created  Psychopathy & Art Style.

As my daily occupation, I focused on promoting innovative methods of combining artistic and civic education. I have created the Citizen of Art Foundation tasked with promoting international collaboration in social animation through arts. I`m the author of many news articles, short stories, photographic works and artistic projects. I have graduated from a program of The School For Leaders of The Polish-American Freedom Foundation. I have participated in the study visit to the USA at the invitation of The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State. In 2015, I received the Citizen Photography Award from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland.

Next photo exhibition: SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE... IN NOIR  15th of June, Hameln (Germany)

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