Psychopathy & Art Style

Almost two years ago I started this blog because I was dreaming about the virtual space to discover the secret world of Psychopathy & Art Style. I have created this style many years ago and I use it for writing and taking photos. 

Photo "Urban seeker" by Ewa Dudkiewicz, Austria (Vienna), 2015

Psychopathy & Art Style (based on NOIR) by Ewa Dudkiewicz

Narcissistic - beautiful and in love with herself;

Obsessive - perfectionist to the extreme;

Impulsive - under the mask of calm, hiding the wildest urges;

Realistic - grounded in the experience of reality and seeking inspiration in the surrounding world.

Dear Viewer,
I like to write articles in Polish, but if You have some questions, suggestions or offers You may write to me in English or in German, too.